Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sticky note: volume and volume only

As we gear up for Monday, Pickle stocks readers should take note of these stocks for one reason: they scored highest trade volume on OTC:BB last Friday. What's to be said about these stocks? Nothing really. It's just volume, and there's no merit in that. But somehow, deep inside, Pickle Stocks quenches for things that are liquid. Here they are:

1. GSPG.OB: 71,725,123 shares traded, up 25%
2. ONGO.OB: 52,944,557 shares traded, down 16.67%
3. ECFL.PK: 51,193,870 shares traded, up 17.65%
4. TSSP.PK: 41,364,300 shares traded, no change
5. SWVC.OB: 36,085,868 shares traded, down 4.67%
6. GCOG.OB: 31,110,182 shares traded, no change
7. RAEM.OB: 26,770,279 shares traded, down 46.67%

TMDI.PK follow-up: 1 up for Pickle Stocks

Pickle Stocks is not in the business of predicting stock prices. In fact, we despise websites that do, i.e. these stocks are about to blow 2000%!! Yeah, we hate that.

But here's to us, just to pat ourselves on the back... we did set a target price of $0.40 for TMDI.PK last Thursday, back when it was $0.32, and up it went, at least temporarily, to $0.40 on Friday. Not too many people sold at that price, but congratulations to those who did.

Should you expect more Notradamus from us? Nope. We just got really lucky this time.

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