Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pickle Skeptics: Telemedicus, Inc. (TMDI.PK)

Today, Pickle Stocks is paying close attention to Telemedicus, developer of computer-based communications, medical monitoring and global-positioning equipment for emergency vehicles. After months of loss, TMDI.PK is marching steadily upwards. Pickle Stocks speculates that the completion of recent acquisition by LipidLabs, Inc. played a substantial part in this "normalization," but track record is too short to gives us room for technical analysis.

Current Price: $0.32
Pickle Stocks Price Target: $0.40

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Book Lover said...

Pickle Stocks Follow-up: TMDI.PK has met Pickle Stocks' target of $0.40 on Friday (10/26/07 - just one day after the post). Congratulations to those who sold on Friday.