Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Harvard Learning Centers No Longer (ALCI.PK)

We've detected some heavy movements following the news of the Harvard Learning Centers'(HVLN.PK) plans to change its name to The Americas Learning Centers, Inc.(ALCI.PK).


Perhaps it is easy for some investors to jump to a conclusion that this stock is somehow related to "the Harvard." But according to Harvard College -- one of the oldest and the most prestigious institution in the United States, to say the least -- they go very far to protect its name from being used in a false manner, which includes naming your pizzaria, "Harvard Slices."

Pickle Stocks advises our readers to be very cautious of sudden movements such as this. Many buyers were probably jumping in the moment they saw the name Harvard. But Harvard probably has nothing to do with the company. In fact, their lawyers probably prompted this name change.

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