Friday, October 26, 2007

EYI Industries Inc. (EYII.OB): Series of rollercoaster rides ahead?

It is an unfortunate fact of life: we penny stock investors thrive on volatility of stocks, not stability. In the last few days, Pickle Stocks has paid close attention to EYI Industrics, inc., which manufactures "wellness" products such as Calorad (subsidiary; EPII). It seems that many of our readers have picked up the recent announcement of new water filtration product called Code Blue. With new test results coming in from China -- especially now that they're nearing certification -- its no wonder that there's a lot of hype around this stock.


There's are a lot of reasons to be excited about a company that sells water filtration products. Given that there are so many tech startups with no product and a lot of promises, this one looks much more trustworthy. Water is expensive. Take a bottle of Evian and compare that with a bottle of gas; you do the math. They don't bottle, but they are part of the industry. Plus, they claim to have established points of distribution through their partnership with EPII -- now, don't be fooled, EPII is a subsidiary of EYII; it's just so ironical that they have to announce this to the world.


In reality, Pickle Stocks is not certain of the company's future; it just appears that EPII is starting a round of press release games that a lot of OTC:BB companies play in order to establish a legitimate place in the market. Do not forget: the company has also sneaked in another 100,000,000 authorized shares prior to their announcement of somewhat positive news from China.

So the verdict is out: Pickle Stocks expects to see rounds of rollercoaster trends from EYII.OB in the coming months. We advise our readers to pay close attention to EYII's newest press releases. EYII is recommended for traders who are truly daring and have a lot of money to lose. Buy long, sell short, as some say.

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